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Disability Income Planning

Disability Income Planning

Help protect your earning power and keep your goals on track if an unexpected injury or illness prevents you from working. No matter the type of job or career you have (or business you own), we have options that can give you more choice and more control.

Your ability to earn a living is likely the most important financial asset you have. Having a plan ready to go should you experience a disability, can help you rest easier knowing that your goals, big and small, can keep moving forward.

Individuals – While you focus on getting better, your goals like leaving a legacy or saving for a second home can still stay on track when you have a plan.

Physicians and Dentists – With a plan, you’re not just protecting your income, you’re protecting the investment you've made in your career.

Business owners and employers – A plan can help keep your business running if you or another key employee becomes too sick or injured to do their job, and by enhancing your benefits package with a plan you can help protect your employees, too.